I am proud and honored to have facilitated this healing arts production. 5 Veterans share their stories, read by actors and recorded on Zoom. A 3-month storytelling project, using the Performing Wellness process, with the Prescott VA was funded in part by the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation and produced by Red Earth Theatre.


My work illuminates
your self-worth
and nurtures community
through creative practical experiences.

I am a theatre artist, writer, educator, horsewoman and sometime trail runner. I believe in the power of storytelling to empower the individual and create community.
I offer workshops, live performance, individual coaching and connect  different groups together in creative endeavors specific to the given needs and circumstances.
Come and see how we can create together. I look forward to meeting you.

An image from  UNGODLY BEHAVIOR my new play that was read May 20th at Tlaquepaque (more under Theatre-Scripts)

For a list of plays go to Theatre and Scripts          Find 3 screen plays on Inktip

Been a good week! My screenplay ‘Walking on the Wings of Butterflies’ advanced to the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival (top 20% out of 14,600+entries). There it stopped but I am delighted. It began as as a 10-minute play  and over the years morphed into a full length. Here is the Logline:
A 40 year old businessman, driven to the verge of suicide by political violence and environmental destruction, meets a mysterious woman who deals in butterflies and souls, leading to a journey on the Earth-Butterfly to an ‘other’ realm where he meets his long lost Child self and has to decide whether to return or not.

Great news! My play ‘Triumvirate- Glory, Sacrifice and Peace’, is advancing to the Quarterfinalist round of the 2021 ScreenCraft Stage Play Writing Competition! and now has a ranking on a Coverfly(quote” the industry’s largest screenwriter talent-discovery platform” 😂 ) This play goes back to a writing for radio class I took with Cindy McGean many years ago… then turned into a one act stage play and slowly added the 2 other acts to it, working with Micki Shelton in Prescott. I am thrilled!
Here is the logline:
Told in 3 acts, a Military man and his younger wife must come to terms with the death of their only child due to injuries sustained in combat, each finding their own path to forgiveness and purpose.

Earlier this year  I had a short story (LOST) accepted into this amazing magazine! https://artascent.com/

To find it scroll down to Introducing the Featured Artists and Writers and then under them few clock on the link ‘Discover all the artists and writers – of the latest issue of ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal. For a full viewing, and for profiles of selected artists and writers, get the ArtAscent Art & Literature magazine issue.

You have to buy it to read them all – they have a digital version as well as very fancy shiney hard copy.
I am grateful for all the encouragement from those who have heard my poetry and short stories – it inspired me to send this off. Of course I am now sending stuff everywhere! Maybe a chapbook next.

Finally want to say – be creative, have courage and share your stories!


the screen-play version of my play Sky…Diamonds  (see trailer at Theatre& Scripts ) has been accepted into the the  WRPN Women’s International Film Festival 

This is the play I wrote way back in OR in 2000? that was generously supported by OHSU at the time and had two performances of a well rehearsed reading at Coho Theatre.Years later ( 2014?) it won a playwriting competition in Flagstaff which meant a full production and I got to play the lead.

It has been close to my heart for a long time.
Here is the Logline..
From inside the mind of an eccentric, very smart Woodstock-era grandmother with advanced Alzheimer’s we journey backwards ten years, piecing together her life-story as issues of family, values and communication surface while 3 generations grapple with her changing state.
Thank you all who have been part of this journey – whatever happens from here I am HAPPY