August 18th and 21st 6-8pm Writing Resilience Workshop




•Grant Writing Assistance

• Kate Hawkes is an awesome facilitator. She provides a safe environment to self explore using her creativity and compassion. I was able to write about the trauma I had experienced and process it in a new way. The assignments allow for the subconscious to be expressed using metaphors. I wasn’t even aware I was writing my own story until Kate helped me look at the progression of what I had written. Thank you Kate for the tools and encouragement to continue to heal and move forward on my path. Heidi Lobstein (MSN, RN , MST survivor)

• Kate has a way of helping her participants go deep into our personal power/magic in a safe setting. I look forward to my next workshop with her!

Lori (Veteran, client, writer)

• I was amazed by what a writing exercise with Kate can reveal in the way of identifying past hurdles and obstacles overcome, as well as accomplishments that were not recognized until now! Joe (local business owner, Sedona AZ)

• Kate is an experienced writer who does an excellent job of bringing out your creative side. I discovered a strong, determined, and capable side of me after completing her workshop.  Josh, (Master of Social Work Intern)

• An authentic artist that selflessly supports her students. Ruth (Therapist and Social Worker)