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Both a book to read and a

workbook to uncover your own

story. Magic is something you

can only practice by doing. You

do not become magic by

watching a magician. Everyone has their own expression of magic in

the world and you will only experience your true power and joy when

you find and live that uniquely Your magic.

This book offers time and activities for you to begin to know your

Personal Magic. In a way it can be two books, mine and yours. You may

read the book and ignore the participatory activities, you may come

back to the activities later. I think that doing the activities without

reading the stories behind them will mean that your magic will be of a

weaker more imitative kind.

Real magic means being able to transform what you hear, read, see into

your own voice and path. Ultimately this book is about finding Your

path, your Spirit’s quest if you like. You will have purpose, know why you

are here, and uncover the magic that is yours and only yours to do and

bring into the world. If we are to not just survive but thrive in the years

ahead we will all need to be aware of and have the courage to manifest

our Personal Magic in the world. I offer this book in the belief that it will

assist you in that quest.

Please contact me at kate@wellnesswithkate.com for more information

and to order your copy

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Personal magic – creativity and Shamanic ways for wellbeing

In the Hektoen International – A Journal of  Medical Humanities (2009)


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